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Love my room


It’s been so much fun stamping in my new room. Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll wake up to find it’s a dream. Here’s another photo of my work table. Happy Thanksgiving!


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It’s finished!

My Inking Place is finished – well, all but the organizing. The workers left around 7:30 pm and I immediately started moving in my stamps. But it’s now Sunday morning and I’m still trying to get everything from all my other storage places moved in. It has turned into a big job as it seems every room in the house needs to be reorganized in the wake of organizing my craft room. Here are a few pics, more to come.

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Making progress

It’s getting there!

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They’re here!

The guys from Closet World have arrived. They’re setting up their tools and all the parts for my new room. I’m so excited!

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Stamp space before

Here are photos of where I stamped and stored all my stuff. What a mess!

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My organizing dream

I decided to finally get a new stamp room! It’s a good motivation to organize and declutter the whole house.  I thought the nest would be empty so I could take over daughter’s room, but after flying a little distance, she came circling back, so I don’t get her nice big room. Plan B is to have it in one of the smaller bedrooms. It will work!

My dream is a beautifully organized craft area, where all my stamps, ink, paper and accessories will be right at my fingertips. I’ll be more productive and content. And my husband will be happier when I can get my craft stuff out of all the other rooms of the house.

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